2015 - residency + project development
"I Think I'm A Paper" (working title)


Paper moves through the use of magnets and functions as a speaker membrane at the same time.

copper spiral


sept 2015 - exhibition
PLUNC, Lisbon (PT)
The Mamori Expedition was part of the new Portuguese festival PLUNC.

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"Meanwhile ... The City" - exhibition
Laznia (PL) - Nucleo (BE)
19 March - 12 April

sound-installation: Timekabinet

gdanskmix2.jpg timekabinet.jpg timekabinet.jpg

There is a time ball on the lighthouse in Nowy Port, Gdańsk. The first device of that kind in the district dates back to 1876. Before the introduction of radio communication, time balls were an important optical signal for the sailors. They could calibrate their on-board chronometers and position their ships along the lines of longitude at sea. It is an ingenious system that works by the means of electromagnets and time signals. A long history precedes the arrival of the time ball.

Timekabinet is a sound installation that evokes other worlds, ancient times, the vast sea and journeys of exploration by means of a paper map and a spherical magnet.
video documentation

February - March 2015 - residency + exhibition
Gdansk, Poland


November 2014
The Mamori Expedition was nominated 'Jury Selection' for the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival. More than a thousand applicants were noted in the Art Division.

Oct 2014 - lecture
"Sound As An Immersive Experience"
Universität Bonn - 'Musik' ausstellen: Re/Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in musealen Kontexten

Aug - Oct 2014 - exhibition
"The Mamori Expedition"
File Festival, Sao Paulo

June 2014 - performance
Velak Export, Atelier Claus


March 2014 - masterclass
"The Two Directions of Listening"
Herculeslab, Kask Ghent