Last year in Gdańsk
site-specific intervention + publication

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In 2015 together with artists Line Boogaerts, Frank Depoorter and Lore Rabaut we did a residency in Gdańsk, Poland. One year later we met again for one week in the exhibition space of Nucleo to share our memories, in dialogue with the writer Oscar van den Boogaard.

The printing collective Topo Copy took part in the process, collected daily material of the work in process and made a publication at the end of that week.

The week started with one big table we placed in the space together with some material connected to our memories of Gdańsk. We also used an old typing machine to capture memories and dialogues during that week. We 'adopted' memories of eachother and made new translations into image and sound. During that week we invited some guests such as, Bart Verschaffel (Prof. at the Architecture Department University Ghent) and the Polish-Flemish philosopher and writer Alicja Gescinska. The result of this one week was presented to the public in an exhibition, a publication and a talk between the artists and the writer Oscar van den Boogaard.

Production: Nucleo

Sound intervention as part of the exhibition
Listen with headphones

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