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Els Viaene (°1979, Belgium) started her work as a sound artist / field recordist in 2001. With a set-up of two small microphones she listens, zooms into and enlarges the aural landscapes surrounding us. The natural rhythms and textures of the sounds hidden in those landscapes form the basis of her work.

Working on these sound materials for performances, sound compositions or installations she makes the listeners travel in imaginary and organic environments. Through the specific use and set-up of sound within a space her installations create new spaces within existing ones, either emphasizing or making dissapear the physical borders of that space.

In doing so she often plays with the notions of seeing and hearing, the perception of what we see and hear and how both interfere.



Potamoi – performance, part of Tuned City, Ancient Messene, Greece.
Sound as vibration – Individual Grant by the Flemish Government, two year period.
Vibrant Matter (CA) – sound installation, part of exhibition MoisMulti, Québec, Canada.

Vibrant Matter (FR) – sound installation, part of exhibition Anis Gras, Paris, France.
Vibrant Matter (D) – sound installation, part of exhibition Lab30, Augsburg, Germany.
EPAS (BE) – masterclass ‘Listening’ and ‘Sound as Space’, Kask, Postgraduate in Arts in Sound
Timekabinet (BE) – sound installation, Albanova Festival, Musica, Alden-Biezen
UGent Architectuur (BE) – masterclass Experiencing Sound through Space

Vibrant Matter (BE) – sound installation, part of exhibition at Imal, Brussels, Belgium
Vibrant Matter (BE) – sound installation, part of “Kikk festival”, Namen, Belgium
EPAS (BE) – masterclass ‘Listening’ and ‘Sound as Space’, Kask, Postgraduate in Arts in Sound
Listening Dune (BE/UK) – permanent sound installation in ambisonic format together with Chris Watson at Zwin
Vorig jaar in Gdansk (BE) – group exhibition and publication with 4 artists and 1 writer, Oscar Van den Boogaard, based on visit to Gdansk, Polen.

I Think I’m A Paper (BE) – research for new installation, Werktank
The Mamori Expedition (PT) – sound installation, part of “Plunc festival’ Lisbon, Portugal
Timekabinet (PL) – sound installation, part of “Meanwhile … The City” at Laznia, Gdansk, Poland

Sound As An Immersive Experience (D) – lecture at conference Bonn University “Musik ausstellen: Re / Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in Musealen Kontexten.”
The Mamori Expedition (BR) – sound installation, part of “File Festival” Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Two Directions of Listening (BE) – masterclass, Herculeslab Kask


Vibrant Matter (BE) – artistic research funded by VGC Brussels
Soft Boundary (BE) – audiovisual work (magnifier, print, sound) part of “Dropouts” exhibition M-Museum
The Mamori Expedition (BE) – sound installation, part of “Private Investigations” exhibition Beursschouwburg and “Storm op Komst” exhibition Warande

Sound As Space (CZ) – workshop at Skolska 28 as part of Soundlab Prague and Sounds of Europe
Le Temps Immobile (BE) – multichannel performance – Netwerk Arts Centre
Follow Me Inside Out (BE) – performance for cello and live-processing – Happy New Festival – Commissioned by Spor Festival (DK)
The Swamp That Was_A Bicycle Opera (BE) – collaboration Kaffe Matthews for GPS-guided bicycle project – co-production Timelab, Vooruit, Smak
Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (FR) – Gaîté Lyrique _ Honorary Mention Prix Phonurgia Nova
Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (BE) – Bozar (Palais des Beaux Arts) _ set-up in black box
Land Surface (UK) – composition selected and released on The Wire_Below The Radar

Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (BE) – two channel set-up in a black box as part of Bozar Night Brasil.
Drawing Of a Landscape_Sahara Lommel (BE) – site-specific composition on the region of the Sahara in Lommel.
Le Temps Immobile (BE) – sound performance at Field Fest. Set-up of 5 speakers in the spaces surrounding the performance space.
Airstream (D) – Outdoor sound performance in the wastelands of Tallinn _ commissioned by Tuned City; Sonic Landmarks, official program of the European Cultural Capital Tallinn 2011
Summercamp Electrified (BE) – residency at Timelab Ghent / reclaiming public space. Creation of two new works: “Skywalker” & “Memories of a River”
Sound As Space (BE) – workshop at Nadine togehter with Lilia Mestre
Follow Me Inside Out (DK) – composition for cello and live-processing – commissioned by Spor festival / performed with Claire Goldfarb.
Soundkitchen (UK) – sound performance together with Annie Mahtani
Courent d’Air (BE) – sound installation and performance together with François Martig during Q-O2 residency.
Vibrant Particles (BE/ES) – live performance on podcast for Arteleku Audiolab – created together with Yves De Mey.

Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (BE) – 30 min. composition based on field recordings in the Brazilian Amazon forest.
After Empire (BE) – sound composition created for video artwork by Herman Asselberghs
The Mamori Expedition Testbed (BE) – interactive sound installation presented at Arts Centre Netwerk
Into the light of the night (UK) – collaboration with Dan Belasco Rogers and Sophia New for GPS guided audiowalk in Kortrijk.
Hori (AU) – sound composition released on the Australian label Recorded Fields, compilation Three Locations.

Live-In-Room (BE) – installation/performance together with Lilia Mestre.
Women (BE) – creation of a soundtrack for a film made by Annemie Maes.
Sense Radio (BE) – research project together with Lilia Mestre.
The Glasshouse (BE) – creation of an installation/performance for the Happy New Ears Festival together with François Martig.
Politics Of Change (BE) – sound compostion created for a video installation made by Annemie Maes.
Sound/Space/Relation (BE) – workshop at Art Performance Training Antwerp together with Lilia Mestre.
Dissonant (BE) – sound recording and editing for 16mm filmwork by Manon De Boer.
Stilleben einer Verwandlung (BE) – soundtrack created for a stop motion animation made by Roman Kirschner
Suite Spiration (BE) – sound recording of a string quintet and sound edit and mix for art video made by Yves Coussement.

Summer Rain (AU) – audio creation for Kunstradio, Austria
Altogether (BE) – sound design for videowork by Herman Asselberghs
Inner Record (BE) – sound installation constructed in a cardboard box
Art’s Birthday 2008 (BE) – live performance at the classical radio station Musique 3
Happy New Ears (BE) – creation audioguide for the installation parcours

Friction (BE) – audio creation for Silence Radio
Happy New Ears (BE) – creation audioguide for the installation parcours
Genocide Scroll (UK)– sound design for video art by Everlyn Nicodemus
An Imaginary Place For Invisible Sounds (BE) – live-performance at Art’s Birthday Party OKNO
Lakshmi (BE) – sound design for webgame, in collaboration with Toyfoo
Borges (BE) – voice recording and soundscape about the poet Borges, in collaboration with Toyfoo and Passa Porta.

Breaking The Game (BE/CA) – sound design for webgame, in collaboration with Workspace Unlimited
Exploring the room (BE) – quadraphonic live performance in a white cube with live generated graphics, a collaboration with Eavesdropper, Petersonic and the Mediaruimte
What’s in a name (BE) – performance at Kunstencentrum Netwerk Aalst, live processing and piano, in collaboration with Johan Hoogewijs.
Minimal Currents (BE) – audio piece for the streaming radio project of x-med-k
Vathorst Grand Parade / A Line-up of Favorite Things (NL) – sound design for art documentary made by Neeltje Ten Westenend
Citysnapper (BE) – quadraphonic live performance in a 3D graphic environment, in collaboration with the Mediaruimte
Black Box (NL) – live performance for headphones and multiple speakers, created for V2

White Disc (BE) – sound piece for dance performance Les Reflets d’Ulysse
Toolbox : “Scacred Secret Scars” [or how to cut the sound into sound] – 5.1 audio creation for Z33 (BE)
Licht (UK) – site-specific sound installation in Bretton Hall Sculpture Park
Boiling Ice (BE) – interactive sound installation for Happy New Ears (Kortrijk)
Amai (BE) – soundscape for the Museum of Natural Sciences
Shine (BE) – live-performance at Kunstencentrum Netwerk Aalst

Spaced Out (BE) – sound- and light installation for De Markten
Blind Spot (BE) – reconstruction of the museum architecture in sound – MoMu



2018 – (in print) Lecture Sound as an Immersive Experience, Bonn University: “Musik ausstellen: Re/Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in musealen Kontexten”
2016 – Exhibition publication, Vorig jaar in Gdańsk, by Lore Rabaut, Frank Depoorter, Line Boogaerts, Oscar van den Boogaard, Els Viaene
2015 – Catalogue, 18th Japan Media Arts Festival
2014 – Catalogue, In the Digital Tracking, FILE Festival, Sao Paulo
2013- Exhibition publication, Blijven Kijken / Ce qui nous regarde / Dropouts,Pieter Van Bogaert for M-Museum, p 41. ‘Soft Boundary’
2011Media Art and Digital Culture in Flanders Belgium, published by BAM
2007 - Audioframes, 6 years of audiovisual presentation, published by Happy New Ears
2007Autumn Leaves, Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice, published by Crisap
2006  - Annual 2006, Netwerk, Center for Contemporary Art, published by Netwerk
2006X-MED-A, Experimental Media Arts, published by Okno, FoAM, Nadine, iMAL


2015 – Honorary Mention Jury Selection, 18th Japan Media Arts Festival
2012 – Honorary Mention Prix Phonurgia Nova, Gaîté Lyrique
2009 – Qwartz Electronic Music Award