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The program focuses on improving the paperhelp conduct, punctuality, demeanor and attendance of the students through the final academic year.

Vibrant Matter - 2016
sound installation


This artwork is a production by Werktank
Collaboration KIKK, with the support of the Flemish authorities and CultuurCulture
more >>>

Last year in Gdańsk - 2016
site-specific intervention + publication


Production: Nucleo
Publication: Topo Copy
more >>>

Timekabinet – 2015
site-specific sound installation


Production: Nucleo (BE), Laznia (PL)
more >>>

The Mamori Expedition - 2013
sound installation


Co-production: Netwerk Arts Centre, Flemish Community
With the support of Q-O2 and Werktank
more >>>

Soft Boundary - 2013
sound installation


Based on a collaboration with Duncan Speakman.
In assignment of Pieter Van Bogaert for the exhibition “Blijven Kijken / Ce qui nous regarde / Dropouts”.
more >>>

Le Temps Immobile - 2011
sound performance


In assignment of Q-O2 as part of the Field Fest festival
more >>>

Drawing of a Landscape - 2011
sound composition


In assignment of Musica
more >>>

Airstream - 2011
open-air sound performance


This concept was developped for Tuned City 2011, Sonic Landmarks, part of the official program European Cultural Capital Tallinn 2011.
more >>>

Skywalker - 2011
sonic air installation


Created during “Summercamp Electrified” organised by Timelab
more >>>

Memories of a River - 2011
sonic water installation


Created during “Summercamp Electrified” organised by Timelab
more >>>

Follow me inside out - 2011
sound performance


Commissioned by Spor festival (DK)
more >>>

Secret Life - 2010
sound intervention


In assignment of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
more >>>

Canopy Beat, Soundtrack of the Rainforest - 2010
sound composition


Production by ACSR
With the support of the French Community and the Flemish Community.
more >>>

Summer Rain - 2008
sound composition


Commissioned by Kunstradio (AT) and Silence Radio (BE)
more >>>

Inner Record - 2008
sound installation


In assignment of RITCS
more >>>

Friction - 2007
sound composition


Commissioned by Silence Radio
more >>>